Choucroute Garnie - An Alsatian classic. Sauerkraut braised in riesling, with sausages and potato. Kozlik’s mustard on the side.

Carbonnades Flamandes - A traditional Flemish dish. Slow cooked beef and onions in Chimay Abbey beer made by Trappist monks.  Served on homemade spätzle.

Sausage on a Pretzel Bun - Cherry Street Bar-B-Que sausages for Christkindl on a soft Glencolton pretzel bun garnished with fried onions and sauerkraut featuring Kozlik’s mustards.

Porchetta - A celebratory dish originating in central Italy. Cherry Street Bar-B-Que’s version is slow roasted pork on a Glencolton Bakery bun, topped with garlic confit, chilli rapini with giardiniera aioli and crispy bacon.

Krautfleckerln - Austrian winter street food - egg noodles with cabbage and onions sautéed in butter. V

Kartoffelpuffer  - Crispy potato pancakes with Glencolton apple sauce or plain. V

Fried Apple Fritters - Mennonite ‘Swiss Rings’ in a spiced batter, deep fried and dusted with powdered sugar. V

Heurigenplatte - An old Austrian tradition of serving cured meats, cheese and pickles with very young wine. Served in the newly constructed Bretzelhaus.

Glencolton Pretzels and Beer - Michael Schmidt’s pretzels with Neustadt Springs 10W30. V



Neustadt Springs Brewery 10W30 - Multiple award winning, traditional dark English Mild. The term ‘mild’ meaning ‘not bitter’. Using pure natural spring water, New Zealand hops and imported specialty malts giving rich malt and light nut aromas, with mellow malt and good hop notes to the palate. A smooth and easy drinkable ale - a perfect partner for Michael’s pretzels.

Glühwein - Literally “glow wine” or German mulled wine, is served at special stands at Christkindl markets throughout Germany and Austria. Mulled wine is a traditional warm beverage combined with different spices, red wine, citrus fruits and sugar. It warms you up on a cold winter’s night.